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The Mutation Device

By Nikhil Chandrasekar

In the galaxy of Gravis Mavis, aliens from planet Dwool were planning to invade Earth with the mutating, alive Generator X. Anything that touched it or touched something that had Generator X DNA (Deoxyribonucleic acid) would turn into a mutant!

So, a hungry rat that lived near Generator X, went hunting and touched Generator X and it became a 30-yard tall rat in a nano-second! When it got home, it turned its family into mutants. Soon, all the animals became mutants, just like that! After animals, the plants became mutants. Then, buildings. Every single building in the world! All the humans became homeless. They had to run day after day with no escape. "Ahhh!" a man yelled. He was mutated! Day after day, innocent people were mutated except for a group of scientists. They were the ones destined to save the world! Their names were Chris, Sam, Jack, and Samuel. Samuel is the leader of the group of scientists.

They traveled the globe, looking for chemicals to stop the mutants. After a year of doing this, they found a piece of paper and it read, "Dear people of Earth. To save your kind, you need to go to the Arctic, Antarctica, the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, and to the middle of the world. You must find the four Garnet crystals and combine them to make the Ultra Garnet and shine it into any mutant’s eyes. It will break the evil eye inside the eye. The evil eye injects a poison into the brain, into the central nervous system, and bloodstream. Then, that mutant will become what it was before. The evil eye is so complex, that even us, the Growledas, the second smartest society of organisms, can’t learn everything about it."

"Chris, go to the Arctic, Sam, go to the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, Jack, go to the center of the world, and I’ll go to Antarctica," Samuel said. So they set off.

Chris used his teleporter to teleport himself to the Arctic. He searched day and night, trying to find the Garnet and avoid the mutants. Finally, he found the Garnet in a pile of snow. It was as red as blood and as beautiful as the Greek goddess Aphrodite.

"I’ve found it!" Chris exclaimed. So, he took the crystal and headed toward their meeting place in Southbound, Maine, America in their underground lair, protected from most of the mutants.

Meanwhile, Sam was scuba diving at the bottom of the Pacific; mutants were everywhere. "Mommy," he whimpered when he came face to face with a mutated Whale shark. While he was swimming for his life, he spotted the beautiful Garnet. Sam managed to dodge the Whale shark, snatch the Garnet, and reach the surface.

"I’ve got it!" he exclaimed. He then was headed to their base.

Around the same time, Jack used a teleporter to reach the center of the world. As soon as he entered, he saw the Garnet. It was 19,000 degrees Fahrenheit. It was enough to melt a human. Thanks to his anti-heat suit, he could survive. He ran to grab it without being seen by the mutants at the center of the world. As soon as he grabbed the Garnet, he teleported himself to the base.

"I’ve got it!" he exclaimed.

Samuel took the hardest task. He went and found the Garnet in a cave. As soon as he entered, spears tipped with the rare poison, Motis Nootis, from the endangered Matis Watos frog, came out of nowhere and started attacking him! Luckily, he dodged and snatched the Garnet. When they all reached the base, they had all the crystals they needed to make the magnificent Ultra Garnet. The Ultra Garnet was two feet tall, two feet wide, six inches thick, and weighed ten pounds. With the Ultra Garnet, the scientists could free everyone who was mutated!

So, they teleported themselves to the town square, where all the mutants meet at night. The scientists shone the Ultra Garnet into their eyes, and before you knew it, most of the mutants were free. When the other mutants saw the freed people, they attacked ferociously. Sadly, Sam and Jack were tuned into mutants. It was horrible. They put up a good fight, but the mutant Washington monument took Jack and the Statue of Liberty took Sam. After all the mutants were free, they turned to their friends and freed them. It was a good fight. The mutated scientists used everything from enemies to allies as weapons. Luckily, Chris was able to throw Samuel into the air and make the mutant scientists look into the Garnet. But, Samuel almost refused because of fear. He yelled at Chris constantly about how crazy he was acting and when Samuel was off guard, Chris threw him. Right after that, the Ultra Garnet and Generator X exploded! It was a flash of red, blue, and green, which was seen and heard around the world. After that, the scientists went to fix the destruction that they and the mutants had caused.

"My favorite lab coat is ruined," complained the scientists at the same time. And before you knew it, they started laughing their heads off.

One hundred years later: The world is recovered from its damage but Generator Y falls to Earth. Generator Y is a stronger form of Generator X. It causes far more damage. Uh-oh. Here we go again.

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