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Remote-Live Online Writing Classes » Remote-Live Online Classroom Option

Remote-Live Online Classroom Option

Mastering the art of writing is an essential skill, one that holds great significance in both academia and professional life.


Although English courses are a staple in schools, true proficiency in writing is honed through consistent practice and guidance from seasoned experts in the field, including teachers and professional writers.


At CKW Academy, we recognize the paramount importance of nurturing this skill, and that's why we've introduced the Remote-Live Online Classroom.


Our innovative Remote-Live Online Classroom, hosted on Google Classroom, offers engaging 90-minute synchronous sessions. Within this virtual space, students have the unique opportunity to receive expert instruction and personalized feedback on a weekly basis. Our instructors meticulously analyze every aspect of their writing, identifying errors, and providing comprehensive guidance on rectifying them.


This ongoing process equips students with the tools they need to become proficient writers, enabling them to excel not only in our program but also in their academic pursuits.


As students progress through our program, they will continually face new challenges, thereby ensuring that their writing skills evolve in tandem with rising educational standards. By signing up for our writing classes before October 31st, you can take advantage of our exclusive Back to School discount and embark on a journey toward writing excellence.

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