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On-Demand Video Course

Creative Writing 3-Class Creative Writing Video-Course Bundle Available for 50% off (only $30 for 3 Courses!)

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Bundle Course Topics:

  1. Course 1: How to Write a Short Story - Learn how to organize a fiction story, make good P.O.V. choices, and much more.
  2. Course 2: Character Development - Learn to write characters with clear physical descriptions, personalities, backstories, and more.
  3. Course 3: Setting Development - Learn to write about the setting with detailed descriptions to help your reader imagine the time and place of your story.



The $60 bundle is available for only $30 until July 4!

Creative pre-teens and teens (grades 6th - 12th) need an outlet for creative writing. Pre-teens and teens need a convenient way to work on becoming master storytellers!

City Kidz World Writing Studio offers an On-Demand, 3-course bundle with videos, worksheets, quizzes, prompts, and workspaces!



Why take this course?


Another Activity to Put on The College Application: Believe it or not, artistic pursuits like music and CREATIVE WRITING show that your teen is a well-rounded student, which is what colleges want to hear when your teen applies!

Convenience: This video class will meet your teen's needs because it can be taken anywhere they can access their computers. Students can engage with this course on any day or time. They can even download the videos to look at while offline!



Summer is the perfect time to be creative: Your teen can have a creative writing goal this summer to finish at least one good story! This course will help! 



Always Available: The video classes are EVERGREEN. Once you purchase the course, it is yours! Your teen will have access to the course to use repeatedly.



Coaching Session Available: After your teen completes their story, City Kidz World Writing Studio can arrange a one-on-one coaching session and a thorough, detailed edit and critique for only $30. If you finish your story within 21 days of registration and you live in New Jersey, you get a free critique and coaching session.



Ready for Publishing: Your teen can send their story to many publications, including City Kidz World magazine!