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Fiction » For 9th - 12th grade fiction

For 9th - 12th grade fiction

By Isha Shah, 10th grade
A place of retreat is a location where one can escape difficulties and reflect on stressful situations. My place of retreat is found along a nearby bike path that I frequent during the fall. In the middle of the trail, there is a  vast open space, encircled by vibrant, colorful trees. The short, green grass is covered with a sheet of brilliant leaves, that crunch at the slightest movement.
All of the external commotion disappears upon entering the free land. The only noises are those made by nature. When the wind howls, the trees rustle alongside one another. The leaves above dance in the sky and those below swirl on the ground. I often grasp the fluttering foliage and observe the smooth texture. It is fascinating to discern the minute details in each leaf. Looking in the distance, the only thing visible is the vibrant, crimson and golden hues of the trees and leaves. Occasionally there is a herd of deer grazing and looking around cautiously. Their reddish brown coats gleam in the distance, their big, intelligent eyes examining me. If I take a step toward them, their ears twitch, another step and they bolt into the woods. Alone, I notice the fall wind rustling around me. Sometimes a musty scent coats the land and other times the smell of fresh pine trees and crisp air fills the area. After taking a long sniff, the sharp and piney smell enters my body, and it is almost like I can feel the sharp flavor move along my taste buds. While licking my lips, I can taste the subtle decay of fallen leaves on the damp ground.  There is a faint, pungent scent of smoke wafting from one of the nearby houses.  Sometimes I smell hearty dinners being baked in the suburban homes around the field, and that is my cue to go home